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Legend about Burabay

  • Author: PANDA LLC
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  • Date: 2018-07-20
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It seems the God Himself have shown us ineffable favor, generosity and largeness creating in the relatively small area: forests, lakes, mountains, unique microclimate, distinctive flora and fauna. All this among the boundless, getting beyond the horizon steppe. There are many legends and stories about this unique natural area-Burabay.
One of them is a legend about camel Bura.

    Once upon a time in Kokshetau steppe there lived two- humped, mighty, as swift-footed as a tulpar, as pure as a snow, beautiful camel Bura. It liked to wander about, grazed at the foot of Kokshetau mountain, quenched the thirst with cool lake water. It was silent, gullible and didn't disturb the aged people. It didn't want to be a burden to them. But whenever the enemies approached its homeland, Bura would change its shape. Like a bird flew to the peak of the Kokshetau mountain and warn the people with loud bellows.
    The great below resounded throughout the whole area, the mountains and forests shuddered, the steppes stood still and calm, the herds huddled up. The sky grew dark, a thunderstorm raged and it rained heavily, but Bura was louder than thunderstorm and rain. When people heard the alarming bellow they gathered to sacrifice a ram. Then they sharpened their spears and swords, made bows and arrows, put their white shirts on, prepared for the fight. They were ready to face the enemies. People revered Bura and protected it from the evil eye and poison arrows. One day the camel was on its way to alert to the danger, one of the enemy's arrows reached its heart.
     The wounded beast began to bellow and sank to its knee, while still trying to reach the watering place to take a sip of life water. The camel never reached the waterside, died on the spot and turned into a stone hill, from that day forward it known as Burabay.
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