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  • Date: 2018-07-20
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   «Altyn-Emel» -is the largest and most surprisingly unique, full of many attractions of Kazakhstan's National Parks, located in the south-eastern Kazakhstan. It includes the southern spurs of Semirechenskiy (Dzungarian) Alatau and extensive neighboring plains. The name of the park «Altyn-Emel» is translated as «golden saddle». The National Park also includes part of Kapshagai reservoir's area and lli River.

    Total area of the park is 520 hectares. More then 190 various archaeological sites ethnographic, historical and cultural monuments are found on the territory of the park. There are galleries of prehistoric petrogliphs and mysterious ancient necropolis «Besshatyr with huge burial mounds. One of the main sights of Altyn- Emel Park is «Singing Dune» (Aygaykum), sand dune which extended for three kilometers in length and its height reaches 150 meters. In dry hot and windy weather it produces a low humming sound similar of flying aircraft.

Aktau and Katutau mountains have tully alienlooking landscape which is formed during the aging of ancient, indigenous, multi-colored volcanic and sedimentary rocks. Variety of natural conditions of the park determines high degree of biological diversity. Flora includes about 180 species of plants from the mountain juniper, spruce Schrenk, ironwood, mountain ash, hawthorn) to the desert and steppe species (saxaul, calligonum, tamarisk, salsolas).

     Avifauna of the national park has more than 230 species Some of the birds nesting in the national park, listed as endangered (20 species), ichthyofauna of Kapchagai reservoir and the Ili River represented by 30 species of fish. Diversity of habitats on the territory of National Park from mountings to desert, creates diversity among mammals species, from usual desert inhabitant long eared hedgehog to a typical mountain animals-Siberian ibex, - a total of 78 species. In the 1970's onagers or kulans were introduced to the park, adapted very well to the new location an now the park has about three thousand animals.
     Work is underway on the acclimatization of the Przewalski's horse. Fauna of insects is also very rich, more than 2,000 species, but this is only a small fraction of overall species composition.

--- K.Baiadilov
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