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Traditional foods

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  • Date: 2018-07-24
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Kazakh cuisine
    kazakh national cuisine reflects the soul of nation, culture and traditions. Many proverbs are commected :"Do not stand above meal", "Millet, wheat fre food, whereas gold, silver art stones","Be carefully to food, or you can damage your health" . From ancient times the most ditinctive feature of th kazakh people was the hospitality.
    Kazakh people prefer meat rather than other food, which derives from their way of life. Cattlemen, who work under hard natural conditions, need nutritious food like meat, both and "Kurtkozhe". Therefore, the cattle slaughtering periods were in winter and in late autumn. In autumn they call it is as "Kuzdik"(autumn)
In kazakh traditions every family  prepare meat so called a beast "sogym". At first they pray, then putting animal's head to the east side and the word > slaughter and take internal organs of animal away. For cooking "kuirdak". Kazakh slice and fry mutton, weal, guts, lungs and liver in their own juice.
Bauyrsaks are the ancient national food. The dough for bauyrsaks is made from wheat flour adding some yeast to it. Then the dough is cut into small pieces of rectangle or round shape and fried in heated. Bauryrsaks are much oil more delicious than other farinaceous foods, they are easy preserve and do not grow musty. Stale Bauyrsaks retain their taste qualities; usually they are eaten damped in the tea or milk . Bauyrsaks are the decoration of Kazakh dastarkhan.
To make dough: a little bit of sugar, butter and milk or water is added to flour. The semi-fluid dough is poured by a spoon into a frying-pan with boiling butter and fried. You get thin round fiat cakes, witch both adults and children love toeat. It is prepared very quickly and has q unique taste. It is easily digested if taken warm.
Kulche - (in some areas called tokash) are produced from flour. To prepare the dish you need to make the dough and cut them into round or square shapes then 15-20 minutes to bakethem in the oven. This is a favorite dish of children. They say:"A good kid who is that, ate kulche"
Kymyz is a national drink know for centuries. It is not only a nutritious drink, very good for health, but also the embodiment of the nation's wealth and generosity. There are many methods of making kymyz related to Kazakh coustoms and traditions. In springtime the milk of a just-milked mare(saumal) is poured into a water skin made of camel's, foal's or goat's skin, where special ferment is ready. The first koumiss is traditionally served up for guests, who give their blessing to the hosts.