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Features of the Kazakh clothes

  • Author: PANDA LLC
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  • Date: 2018-07-25
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Features of the Kazakh clothes
The national Kazakhs clothes represents diverse range of models. The clothes were sewed for all seasons and all occasions. It is impossible to describe all kind of clothes, therefore we will stop on the most typical and expensive kinds of clothes.

       Tymak a man’s winter head-dress made of skins of sheep, a fur, and have special cut. Four large fur strips were sewn to the summit part , lateral strips closed ears. A lobby fell on a forehead, and back, the widest and long, closed a neck and back up.

       Borik one of widespread head-dresses. Both men and girls could wear it. Borik was covered with expensive fabric; the bottom part was sheathed with animal's fur. It consisted of four, six, is rarer than three wedges. Borik for girls was sewed in the round or cone- shaped form and decorated with expensive stones, beads, fringe, silver plates, or an eagle owl.

       Saukele is very expensive head-dress of the bride, in the cone-shaped form. The height of saukele is 45-50 centimeters. Saukele, which was pensive fabric and jewels, decorated with an ornament, embroidered gold and silver threads, threads of corals, turquoise, a cornelian, pearls, ruby, edged by fur a cost very expensively.

       Kamka ton (brocade) one of the most expensive, warm and, beautiful fur coats (sheepskin coats). Earlier such coats were worn by khans, biys, Bai, Mirza, the wives of the khans, famous and wealthy people.

       Caftan is vintage clothing from expensive sturdy fabric with quilted lining. According to tradition, caftans were prepared to the guests guests, matchmakers. According to the ancient custom of "Zhety Zhargy" violators of the laws were changed a horse and caftan.

       Camisole - women's clothing made of expensive fabric with a collar, sleeves, and without them, decorated with national patterns and ornaments of gold and silver threads. Women's jewelry - necklace, bib or other jewelry attached to the camisole of national flavor.