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Scenic Places in Southern Kazakhstan

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  • Date: 2018-08-08
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Turkestan is Capital of Kazakh khans
      Turkestan is a spiritual capital for the peoples of Kazakhstan and Central Asia that occupies an important place in the culture of the Ancient East. Written sources of the 10th century reveal that the city was originally called Shavgar and Yasi before it became Turkestan. The etymology is interesting; the root meaning of the word “Turk” – courage and bravery, and “Stan” – translated from the Persian as country or unity. Consequently, the word “Turkestan” means “Country of the brave people”. According to historical sources, up to the 8th century Shavgar (Yasi) was a part of the Turkic, the West, the Turgesh and the Karluk Kaganates. It was also the capital of the Arab, Karluk and Ogus people.
 One the most notorious Turkestan monuments is devoted to Ahmed Yasawi. It is an architectural complex made of palaces and temples that annually attract large crowds of tourists. The Muslim community of Kazakhstan and other Central Asian countries worships this place. In ancient times the triple visiting of this place was considered equal to a pilgrimage to Mecca.
The Mausoleum of Khoja Akhmet Yassawy  - a unique monument to the past of the Kazakh people century.
    This amazing temple was built in honour of a famous Turkic poet and Sufi mystic, Khoja Ahmed Yasawi. The word “Yassawi” originates from “Yassy” and means “from Yassy”. That was the ancient name of Turkestan. The whole city is a historical and cultural reservation of Khazret Sultan. Except the Mausoleum of Khoja Akhmet Yassawy, there are medieval bathhouses and khilvet, where the great Saint used to live, a mausoleum of his great – granddaughter of Emir Timur – Rabiya Sultan Begim and other monuments.
  The   height of the huge building, which has witnessed many historical disasters and was opened recently after a restoration, is about 40 meters. The mausoleum is a marvelous complex of palaces and temples. It has over 30 rooms and halls; the diameter of the main dome is 22 m. Its elegant decoration; patterned ceiling arches, and color mosaic majolica are stunning. In its central hall, the covered residence of the Kazakh Khans has become a peculiar museum -   the pantheon. The pearl of its exposition is the Kazan, the biggest cast water vessel throughout the Muslim East. It is made of the alloys of seven metals.

Aksu Zhabagly reserve
    Aksu – Zhabagly the oldest nature reserve in Kazakhstan and the first in Central Asia, received the status of UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 2015 years located in the spurs of the Western Tien Shan Mountains at an altitude of between 1000 to 4280 meters above sea level.
     The oldest reservation in Kazakhstan, Aksu Dzhabagly is located exactly where the natural landscape of this region is varied. Here you can find rare, endangered species of animal, birds, insects, and plants. There is a natural “Art Gallery”- the main attraction of the reservation, consisting of a set of figures carved on dark shiny stones – on 3000 meters above the sea level. Wild and domestic animals, hunting scenes and life of ancient people are depicted on them.
    Aksu - Dzhabagly is the richest treasury of rare, endangered and endemic species of animals and plants. It is home to argali and mountain goats, deer roe deer, lynx and snow leopards, wolves and foxes, bears and porcupines, stone martens and weasels. Varied flora of the reserve the Greig’s tulips are like red flames blazing on mountain slopes. In pinkish inflorescences are collected air flowers Kokand.
Sayram – Ugam National Park
       Sayram – Ugam National Park contains many cultural, historical and natural attractions. In the village of Kaskasu are ancient Saki mounds and sacred places, which are associated with many legends, and true historical events. History revives in the preservation of many traditional souvenirs after visiting these places.
      Mountains of Western Tien Shan is a unique world of wildlife. High snowy peaks such as Sairam peak, turquoise high – mountain lakes and Ugham gems – Makpal Lake among them, the purest waters of rivers and springs. Kyrykkys – Forty girls – rock of unusual shape, Greig tulip of fabulous beauty and more come forward. The mountains are the “green heart” of the vast territory, where more than one million people live.
     There are seven natural areas and 1635 species of plants on the territory, 250 of them are listed in Red book. 59 species of mammals and 300 species of birds live here.
Kaskasu Gorge
     Kaskasu Gorge is one of the most beautiful places in South Kazakhstan, located in the Tolebi district of South Kazakhstan region, 1900 meters above sea level.  
     Kaskasu Gorge has long attracted visitor’s attention, because of its rocky mountains, spectacular scenery and unique landscapes, which is known not only to Kazakhs but also tourists from around the world. They come here to enjoy the beautiful original nature, admire the views of the mountains, breathe the mountain air, and listen to the singing of rare birds and relax!
     Quiet, cozy and beautiful place in which is located “Ecovillage Kaskasu” is a great option for business trips!