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Mangistau tour

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Mangistau tour
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Tour program:

    Day- 1. In the morning – departure from Aktau city. Way to Karagiye down warping. It is one of the deepest down warping, called as “Black jaw”. Walk among the dense thickets of tamarisk, taking pictures near the chalk cliffs of amazing shapes, visiting the lake in shape of mirror framed by dense thickest of reeds. 

Further departure to the area of  Karatau  Mountains (black mountains). Arrival in the canyons of colored clay, where you have an opportunity to walk through the Colored Canyon, where every turn offers a new kind of colored rocks with amazing shapes and colors. Contrast of Colored Canyon is a canyon formed by the weird conglomeration of black rocks. Walking through the picturesque canyons. Lunch in the real – life conditions. 

Then move to the dirty Tuzbair. After a long journey, the Mangystau monotonous types of steppe suddenly are being replaced with a steppe suddenly are being replaced with a fantastic panoramic view  of Ustyurt plateaucliffs, near Tuzbair. You will walk, having a review of the vast saline wasteland dazzling shining is sunraysand time for taking pictures. After arrival to Tuzbair, tents placing and dinner organization in real-life conditions. After dinner there will be a little walk and overnight stop in the tents. 

Day -2. After having breakfast in real-life conditions, there will be walk among white surrounding of Tuzbair, tracking with the rise and descent of the plateau. From the height of the plateau – gaze of tourists overlook the Steptoe mountain ridges and steep cliffs with deep lagoons. Having overcome the ascent to the Ustyurt plateau and drive several kilometers of cross-counrty, our route passes to the holy place – to the underground mosque Becket Ata. One of the most revered mosques – Becket Ata – is also a place of pilgrimage for people from different countries seeking the blessing of the saint and the possibility of healing. You will climb up the long winding staircase to the rocks underground mosque, participation in rituals of traditional Holy places. 

Closer to the evening we move to Bozzhira valley. After arrival to Bozzhira, you are expected to rest a little outside, then overnight stop in the tents. 

Day – 3. After having breakfast in real-life conditions, taking a look around. Bozzhira is a picturesque open the Ustyurt plateau, decorated chalk mountains. These dazzling white rock outcrops, among which the most famous is the outlier, whose limestone peaks stretching to the sky, resembling the shape of two canines. Surrounded by dazzling white dreamscape can fully experience the majesty of nature. You will enjoy a walk (4 km), sight-seeing and time for taking pictures. Lunch in real-life conditions. Then moving on to one of the mountains of Mangystau – to Bokty Mountain. On the flat surface there is a mountain in shape of pyramid. 

Further the road will be through the Tuyesu sand dunes in the area of Senek settlement. Brief stop and process of taking pictures.  

Our exciting 3-days trip is over in the evening of the third day by means of returning to Aktau city.  

 “Contrasts of Mangystau” 

Aktau city – Zhygylgan down warping – Kapamsai canyon – Shakpak ata the underground mosque – Kapy canyon – Valley of Torysh ball looking rocks concretion – Akmysh Mountain area – archaeological remains of ancient settlement Kyzylkala – Sherkala mountain – chain of mountains in Airakty valley – Shomanai – Aktau city. 

Seasonality – from April to October. 

This trail provides an opportunity for the tourists to be introduced to the diversity of Mangystau landscapes. Impressive canyons views, unique underground mosque and Rock places of nature and fanned by the breath antiquity unique monuments of architecture, in combination with one another represent amazing contrasts of Mangystau. 

The total distance of this trail – 480 km. The route will go through 270 km by asphalt highway, 70 km by grader, 140 km by country road.  

Day -1. In the morning – from Aktau city there will be exciting three-day route called “Contrasts Mangystau”. Arrival at the grand geological failure Zhygylgan. Lunch in the real-life conditions. A walk among the debris of rocks of fantastic shapes, including a mysterious stone forst called “Zhygylgan down warping”. The total length of walking distance along down warping is 8 km. On the road you can see a small salt lake called Kozdykara, outdoor mosque, as well as an old seamark. Next camp is going to be on the beach. 

After some rest, moving on to chalk canyon called Kapamsay, where you will listen to the legend about Kapam batyr and you will se the narrow Chalk Canyon that is formidable with its steep walls reaching heights 70 m. The walls of the canyon abound outcrops of flint nodules. Therefore, in the Stone Age there were workshops for the production of flint tools. Walk along the canyon among mulberry trees and hawthorn.  

Further moving to underground mosque called Shakpak ata. It used to be the Sun Temple in ancient time, and now it is one of the most beautiful mosques of Mangystau – Shakpak ata that is the historical and cultural monument of the X century. Gloomy, bite the thick walls, painted with figures and characters, spaces hidden from the sanctuary of heaven and earth, of human voices. Feel the spiritual peace; visit the underground mosque Shakpak ata. After diner, overnight in tents near the mosque.  

Day -2. After the breakfast in field condition, movement on the route. Moving into the canyon Kapi, where you will walk among the thickets of tamarisk. Then the arrival of the mysterious valley Torysh dotted with huge stone balls, having different fantastic shapes. Walk across the field of globular concretions of stone. 

Further it is planned to visit the natural monument of legendary mountain called Sherkala. This mountain is the unique natural monument which looks like the giant yurt from one side of perspective. Walking excursion is around the mountain. Lunch in real-life conditions. Visiting the territory of ancient settlement of one of the largest settlements of X-XII centuries of Mangyshlak, where tourists can pretend to be the real archaeologists, that study ancient civilizations footprints. Time to relax in the perfect place for the moment of peace. Dinner and staying overnight in the Amanbulak motel or in tents in the area of Akmysh. 

Day-3. After having breakfast in the real-life conditions site visit. Arrival to the Shumanai valley – Airakty, in the center of the mountain which raises like majestic remnants of medieval castles, and at every turn a new transformation of rock masses. Tracking through the valley, with the descent and ascent to the observation deck offers a panoramic view of the Airaktinskiye mountains. The grandeur of scale and unique flavor stimulates the imagination and delights. Lunch in the real-life conditions. 

The third day of our exciting trip across the Mangystau is going to finish in the evening coming back to Aktau city.