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Highlight of Kazakhstan

13 days tour in Kazakhstan
Highlight of Kazakhstan
  • The Silk Road tour
  • Highlight of Kazakhstan
  • Mangistau tour
  • Kolsay Lakes & Kaindy Lake (2-day trip)
  • Charyn Canyon 2 Day Tour
  • Almaty, Charyn, Tanbaly Tas, Turkestan,Astana
  • Almaty Aktau and Astana
  • Kazakhstan 12 day tour
  • Baikonur tour
  • Burabay tour
  • Charyn Canyon 2 day tour
  • Charyn Canyon 1 day tour

Day 1: Almaty City Tour 

After breakfast The first stop will be the Russian-style Orthodox Church in Panfilov Park - Zinkov Cathedral, it is the second tallest wooden structure in the world, without a nail, was built in the 1907 Russian era. It is the only remaining building after the 1911 earthquake in Almaty. The exterior of the church is bright yellow, and the various colors decorate the entire church. 

Afterwards we visit Kazakhstan National Musical Instrument Museum, which is known as one of the world's most famous one. The bell-like houses are particularly eye-catching. The exterior walls are inlaid with clear wooden panels, and the national musical instruments of Kazakhstan are erected in front of the building. "Kobiz", the predecessor of the museum was the Military Officer's Conference Hall, which was built in 1908. In 1980, it was converted into the National Museum of Musical Instruments and opened to the public. There are 53 kinds of instruments used by famous poets and musicians such as Abai and Jiangbul, as well as dozens of instruments from all over the world.The 28th Warriors Monument, in honor of the German Fasistank attack in the defending battle in Moscow, the heroic former Soviet 316 Panfilov Guards Infantry Division 1075 regiment of 28 warriors (10 of them are Almaty)  

Arbat Street 

The main pedestrian street in Almaty is not the “Silk Road”. The locals call it Arbat, similar to Arbat Street in Moscow. Although smaller in size than Arbat Street in Moscow, it is still worth visiting. In addition, you can enjoy the works of local artists anytime, anywhere on Arbat Street, and even let him paint a portrait for you to commemorate. There are regular shows of various performances, with performances by street musicians, including musicians from Ecuador. The mime actors near the department store are famous people in the area and are called "whites." Over the years, it has not only attracted the attention of tourists, but even the locals of Almaty have come to see their performances. In addition, Silk Road Avenue is home to many shops and restaurants, as well as the city’s oldest “Cum”, a department store built in 1961. 

 “Kok Bazar” is one of the largest integrated markets in Almaty. It should be noted that the green Bazaar is now more than 100 years old and is one of the most important trading points for Almaty's specialized trade activities. In 1875, according to the order of the Semipalatinsk merchants, a shopping mall was built in Verni, merchants stayed there, and local merchants opened their own shops. Today, the famous Green Bazaar is located at the site of the mall. 

"Kok Tobe" (Kektobe Mountain) is located in the southeast of Almaty at an altitude of 1070 meters. Local residents call the Koktobe Mountain a “green mountain”, a very famous attraction in Almaty and the best place to see the night view of Almaty. There is a Koktobe TV Tower on the mountain. The interior is a radio and television broadcasting station with an altitude of 1000 meters and a height of 372 meters. The TV tower is adjacent to the TV tower. It overlooks the panorama of Almaty and has a cable car. City. 

Day 2: Medeo Ice Rink and Shembulak Ski Resort 


The Shembulak Ski Resort is one of the largest ski resorts in Kazakhstan with the most advanced equipment and natural resources. It is an important snow sports training base and ice and snow tourism center in Kazakhstan. It is one of the first scenic spots in Kazakhstan. Europe is very famous.It is 25 km from the city centre of Almaty, with an average temperature of 25 degrees Celsius in summer and 7 degrees Celsius in winter. There are also hotels, restaurants and cafes next to the resort, with a wide variety of cuisines to suit the tastes of different people. As the venue for the 2017 World University Winter Olympics, one of the most famous ski resorts in the world attracts countless tourists every year. Whether in the summer or in the winter, it is a very worthwhile resort to enter the resort, and there is a towering snow-capped peak between the snow-capped peaks, with an average elevation of 2,260 meters. The highest point of the snowy road is 3,160 meters above sea level. The length and slope of the snowy road are not inferior to the big ski resorts in Europe, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, etc., but the cost is lower than these countries, becoming a paradise for the world alpine skiers.After lunch, go to Big Almaty lake, and then arrange to watch the "Sunhar" Falcon show.The Great Almaty Lake is located in the Ili Alatau Mountains. The lake is 0.7 km wide and 1.6 km long. It covers an area of 1.12 square kilometers and is more than 2,500 meters above sea level. This mountain lake is formed by an earthquake. It is surrounded by mountains on three sides. When the weather is good, You can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the snow-capped mountains and lakes.The "Sunhar" Falcon show is a very worthwhile show. The falconer will introduce all the procedures in English. In addition, the program is designed with ingenuity. It is a good show that integrates national culture and entertainment. 

Almaty Metro 

There are many traditional Kazakh-themed murals, all of which are hand-burned. For example, there are girls chasing, rams, and murals that reflect Kazakh babies sleeping in the cradle and not having diaper and other life details. 

Day 3: Almaty City –Lake Kaindy- Lake Kolsay (280 km) 

Depart at 7:00 in the morning, arrive around 12 o'clock, take a picture of Kaindy Lake after lunch, and return to Kolsay to rest at night. 

Kolsay lakes are located 330 kilometers south-east of Almaty, 10 kilometers north off the border with Kyrgyzstan. The lakes are located in the national park “Kolsay lakes”, founded in February 2007. The territory of the national park is inhabited by representatives of the animal world such as: bears, wild boars, lynxes, wolves, foxes, hares and badgers. 

Kolsay lakes is a system of three lakes in the northern Tien Shan, in the Kolsay gorge, in the bridge connecting the Kungei-Alatau and Ile-Alatau ridges. 

Saty lake (the lower lake) is located at an altitude of 1 818 meters above the sea level, length 1 kilometer, width 400 meters, depth 80 meters. Mynzhylky lake (the second lake) is at an altitude of 2 252 meters above the sea level and 8 kilometers away from the first lake. Sarybulak lake (the third lake) is at an altitude of 2 850 meters, 4 kilometers from Mynzhylky lake. 

Crystal clear emerald water of lakes is fresh and tight with the content of sodium sulfate. The bottom is shallow in places, without rocky ledges. Kolsay lakes are deep, in some places the depth is 80 meters. In summer the water temperature is 10 degrees. The lakes are flowing and are interconnected with Kolsay river, which originates at the Kungei Alatau ridge Kaindy Lake (“Kaindy” means full of birch-trees) is famous for its origin. 

Formed in 1911 as a result of a strong earthquake, which caused a landslide, that blocked the valley, and the water flooded the valley with pine trees. The lake water is cold (6 C degrees in summer), causing the needles of the trees survive and it can be seen through the transparent surface of the water. 

The road to the lake from the village runs through an extraordinarily beautiful birch grove, located 5 kilometers from Kaindy Lake. 

Day 4: Kolsay lake, linking the bridges of Kungei Alatau and Alatau. The lake is located in the northern Raiymbek district of Almaty, Kazakhstan, bordering Kyrgyzstan and 10 km from the border. 10 km on foot, shooting Kolsay 1, 2, 3, from an altitude of 1818 meters to 2252 meters to 2850 meters. As the altitude rises, the scenery changes gradually, and the virgin forests and mountain lakes can be photographed. 

Day 5: Kolsai Lake – Charyn Canyon (91 км) Altyn Amel National Park (264 км) 

Depart at 8:00 in the morning, about an hour and a half to the Charyn Gorge, take a photo for three hours in the canyon, and about four hours after lunch to the Altyn Amel National Park. 

Almaty – trekking in the Valley of Castles of the Charyn river (5 km) – Trekking in the Moon Canyon (4 km) – a panoramic area of the Moon Canyon – panoramic area so called Stone shelf – a panoramic area of the Valley of Castles – a small trekking in the Bestamak canyon – dinner and overnight in Bestamak. 

Day 6: 

The Altyn Amel National Park visits Mount Aktau and Khatutau Mountain, then return to the guest house and have a rest. 

 The Altyn-Emel State National Park was established in 1996 by a decree of the Kazakhstani government to preserve a unique natural complex on the right bank of the Ili River and rare species of animals and plants. 
The total area of the park is about 520,000 hectares, which makes it the biggest park in Kazakhstan. Its area consists of western branches of the Dzhungarskiy Alatau, desert mountains of Katutau, Aktau, Ulken and Kishi Kalkany, and a unique natural monument, the “Singing Sand Dune”. The park is a unique combination of various natural landscapes, which results in versatile vegetation and wildlife. 

Day 7: Altyn Amel – Almaty (270 km) - Night Train to Tulkily 

About three and a half hours drive back to Almaty, then drive to Esik to visit the museum to see the place where the "Golden Man" was unearthed, and return to Almaty.  Catches the night train to Tulkily. 

Day 8: Aksu- Zhabahly National Park 

Hiking to the Aksu Gorge, the scenery is beautiful, spring is the best season to shoot tulips, Montenegro is the birthplace of Greig’s tulip and Kaufmann’s tulip tulips, and Greig’s tulip is the queen in tulips. 

Day 9: Aksu-Zhabahly –Shemkent 

In the morning, continue to take pictures on foot, organize sports performances on horseback in the afternoon, the traditional art of the Kazakh nationality, lick the sheep, and then rush to Shymkent. 

Day 10: Shymkent-Turkestan-Sauran-Shymkent 

On this day, visit the ancient city of Sauran. The most classic of the ancient city is the groundwater system, which is 110 kilometers long. The water source is snow on the Black Mountain. Khoja Akhmet Yassawy is the most famous attraction in Turkestan and even in Central Asia. The theme building is a beautiful building with several blue domes. It is 65 meters high and 46.5 meters wide. It is an Islamic built for Khoja Akhmet Yassawy under the call of Emir Timur. The style of the building group, including the mausoleum, there are mosques, libraries, welcoming rooms, the White House, the White House, and the sauna. There are also 35 houses with their own functions. Khoja Akhmet Yassawy was highly respected and followed by the masses. It was built between 1385 and 1405 and was repaired several times. 

Day 11: Shymkent-Akatu 

Fly to the coastal city of the Caspian Sea in the west, the oil city of Ake, and feel the dream of another planet. 

Day 12: Aktau City - Kapamsay Canyon - Underground Mosque Shakpak Ata - Canyon Kumakapy - Spherical Stone Valley Torish - Kokala Gorge - Aktau City. 

The total length of the route is 455 kilometers. The route will pass 314 km of asphalt, 96 km of graders and 45 km of country roads. 

On this two-day route, you will walk along the picturesque Kapamsay Canyon through a mysterious valley with huge spherical stones called Torysh. Torysh is a collection of thousands of mysterious stone balls on a grassland. These are mostly three or four meters in diameter. They are composed of sedimentary rocks and sand. The stone balls are severely weathered and some have been naturally cracked. Through the cracks you can also find the "stone eggs" inside, very interesting. Until now, how these stone balls are formed is still unknown. Some people say that these are extraterrestrial stones; others say that there has been a violent submarine volcanic eruption. When the hot magma erupted, it encountered such a stone ball after encountering the cold sea water under the sea. 

You will visit Shakpak Ata, one of the most beautiful and ancient mosques in Mangistau. The mosque's hollow rock walls are the best example of nomadic carvings. 

Day 13: Fly back to the warm home